Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory


Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory is our powerful and innovative product for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) deployments. The patent-pending Acronis single-pass technology combines two backups in one, eliminating the need to have separate strategies for data protection and disaster recovery on Microsoft Active Directory servers. While backup protects the entire server, it is also AD aware. So any type of recovery – disk, file, AD database or the entire server – can be performed quickly via a user-friendly interface, from a single backup.


  • Efficiency of disk snapshot, with the simplicity of single-pass backup
  • Active Directory aware restore, from restoring a single database to restoring the entire server


More reliable backups
Separate backup agents or even different backup solutions to protect the OS and the Application data translate to multiple backup jobs per server, with different schedules, settings, and data vaults. More moving pieces means more things that could break, requiring administrator attention or contacting software vendor support. Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory works differently. It uses a single-pass backup approach where the backup plan that protects the Operating System and files also protects Microsoft Active Directory data. This minimal-touch approach to AD translates to more reliable backup, leaving time for IT personnel to concentrate on business critical tasks, rather than troubleshoot failing backup jobs.

Shorter backups, less storage
 Running separate jobs on each server, one for the OS, and one for each application, will likely lead to reading and storing the same data multiple times, increasing backup time and storage space requirements. The single-pass backup approach is the most efficient from both time and storage standpoints. Combined with the award-winning Acronis disk snapshot technology and highly efficient incremental backups, Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory provides an out of the box solution which is both fast and efficient without lengthy and error prone tunings for each individual server

Active Directory Aware Restore
Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory provides a dedicated and user-friendly interface for recovering Microsoft Active Directory data and configuration information.

Key features of Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory

  • Active Directory aware recovery interface
  • Protect Active Directory Domain Controllers, Active Directory databases, SYSVOLS and logs
  • Prevents Microsoft Active Directory USN Rollback
  • Guaranteed consistency of all domain controllers

Part of the Acronis Backup Advanced Product Suite
With scalability to thousands of machines, you have the support you need today, and the flexibility to grow in the future:

  • The Advanced Product Suite provides both disaster recovery and data protection in one solution
  • Integration with the other Acronis Backup Advanced products to support physical and virtual environments, as well as a variety of applications and operating systems


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