Acronis Backup Advanced for Sharepoint

Now there’s a faster, more efficient way to protect your data. Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint is equipped with single-pass backup technology, which unites disk and application backup into one smart solution, eliminating the need to run multiple backup agents and plans.

When the backup protects the entire server using a disk snapshot mechanism, it also leverages application-specific APIs, ensuring you consistent and properly indexed application data. This allows the data restore to be application aware. So any type of recovery – disk, file, database, or site content – can be performed quickly and via a user-friendly interface, all from a single backup.


  • Single-pass backup to protect any server role in a SharePoint farm, with just one backup job
  • Any recovery scenario – server, disk, file, database, site, document – all from one backup


Managing complexity
A properly protected SharePoint farm can be difficult to deploy and manage due to a variety of factors, such as protection of physical or virtual servers hosting SharePoint services, protection of SQL databases storing site content, and recovery servers or third-party application for item-level recovery. And in the event of a problem in which the data needs to be recovered quickly, finding the right data and bringing it back online can be stressful and error-prone. This may be true with other solutions, but not with Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint. Acronis’ single-pass approach is based on disk-snapshot backup, but it also automatically indexes other data, such as SharePoint content databases. This eliminates the need for any additional backup product or agent, making the entire solution easy to deploy and manage.

More reliable protection
In a traditional backup approach, the backup configuration should reflect the configuration of the services it protects. This assumes deploying proper agents and specific configuration to different server roles in SharePoint Farm – Web Servers, Application or Database Servers. This also means that when the configuration changes, such as when a server or service is added or removed, the backup configuration should also be updated. If this is forgotten or a mistake is made, the data may be unprotected. Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint can leverage a unified backup configuration for any server in a farm, finding and protecting the right data regardless of the location, if the farm configuration changes, the backup will follow automatically.

Also, accessing the application data via disk snapshot helps to avoid many application-specific errors typical of traditional application-backup products, leaving more time for IT personnel to concentrate on business-critical tasks, rather than managing and troubleshooting backup jobs.


  • Back up any server role in a SharePoint farm
  • Single-pass backup for SharePoint content (SQL Server) databases
  • Any type of recovery – server, disk, file, database, site content – from a single backup
  • Site- and document-level recovery with Acronis SharePoint Explorer


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