Acronis Backup to Cloud provides safe, secure & scalable offsite backup & disaster recovery for any data, anytime, anywhere!  This easy-to-use backup solution works with the Acronis cloud - a secure software-defined storage located in a remote data center.

Back up everything—disks, partitions, servers, data—to the Acronis cloud


  • Recover anything quickly & easily—files, folders, applications, or an entire system
  • Seamlessly integrate with Acronis Backup & Acronis Backup Advanced products
  • Offer the safest dual protection for all Physical and Virtual servers, all Laptops and desktop
Business Value to your Customers

Easy, Complete and Safe

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup to Cloud is a complete, user-friendly, all-in-one online backup solution – Customers simply buy a subscription, select the storage size, and that’s it!

Supports the 3-2-1 Data Protection Strategy

Customers can easily implement the 3-2-1 data protection strategy to disaster-proof their data:

Eliminate the risks linked to tape failure

According to Redmond Magazine, 75% percent of SMB organizations that use tape backup experience tape failure each year. Convince your customers to stop taking these risks!
Get your customers to reliable Acronis Backup to Cloud so they can enjoy peace of mind!

Partner Benefits

Recurring Revenue Streams

Acronis Backup to Cloud is available through annual subscription, creating recurring and growing revenue stream to you, and manageable costs to the customer.

Key Features

  • Easy centralized management for both local & offsite backup simplifies IT administration
  • Government-approved safe AES-256 encryption secures data access, storage & transfer
  • Initial Seeding services save time by quickly moving large volumes of data to the Acronis cloud
  • Large Scale Recovery services help you to quickly recover large volumes of data should disaster strike
  • SSAE 16-certified secure data centers are equipped with all latest disaster prevention technologies
Acronis Cloud & Data Center Security

How secure will customers’ data be?

•    Customers’ data is always only theirs at Acronis Data Center
•    Data is encrypted even before it is sent
•    Even Metadata is encrypted
•    Acronis Data Centers are highly secure

How safe will customers’ data be?

  • Acronis Data Centers are Tier-IV designed
  • Acronis Data Centers are SSAE-16 certified
  • Backups are stored on Redundant Acronis Storage
Acronis Backup to Cloud Licensing options


Acronis Backup for PC to Cloud (Unlimited)

If Customers need to protect one or more PCs, we recommend this per-PC subscription tailored for smaller PC fleets. For maximum benefit  this subscription includes unlimited storage space.
VMware vSphere

Acronis Backup for VMware to Cloud

If Customers need to protect VMware vSphere systems, we recommend this subscription tailored to virtual machine backup. Customers choose the storage capacity and protect any number of VMs on any number of vSphere hosts with any number of CPU sockets.

One to three Servers

Acronis Backup for AnyServer to Cloud

If Customers need to protect up to 3 servers, we recommend this per-server subscription designed for server backups. Customers can protect any server: physical Windows / Linux or virtual VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, RHEV or Oracle VM Server hosts.

Four and more Servers

  • Acronis Backup to Cloud Volume Subscription
  • If Customers want to protect their entire environment, we recommend the volume subscription. The benefits:
  • Simple installation & activation. With volume subscriptions Customers simply purchase one volume subscription for all machines and activate it once.
  • Flexibility. With the Volume subscription there is no need to worry about device deprecation or replacement. Customers simply bring any new machine online and start the backup process as usual!
  • No additional fees. Customers pay only one universal fee to back up their entire environment. They simply select the size required for their entire infrastructure (physical servers, virtual servers, and workstations). Storage capacity options range from 500GB to 15TB - contact us if more is needed.
  • Full storage usage. Use storage space more efficiently and get a far better return on investment.

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