The Symantec ExSP licensing program is a monthly subscription-based program that gives you greater flexibility in customer delivery options while enabling you to meet the demands of small to mid sized business.


Available to Symantec enterprise customers since 2006, the enhanced ExSP program is now available to your SMB customers. Providing you with complete Symantec protection as part of a “pay-as-you-go” managed service, to effectively support your customers when getting the most out of their IT budgets, without sacrificing quality or features.

Benefits for you

  • Support monthly services with market-leading security and backup solutions
  • Provide a more flexible and competitive offering for your customers
  • Generate regular and predictable revenue streams
  • Eliminate the need to buy future licenses in advance
  • Simplify management and billing
  • No investment required to join the program
  • Gain access to the most current product versions
  • Symantec offerings are available for hosting or on premises install rental
  • Provide a broader Symantec offering in a way that makes it easier to do business with customers

Benefits for your customers

Reduced costs

Flexibility to reduce upfront costs
Every product comes equipped with Essential Maintenance

Flexible buying process

Pay-as-you-go monthly fees – customers pay only for services they are using at any one time on a monthly basis

Grow on demand

  1. Your customer can grow their IT infrastructure as their business grows, and reduce the need to predict the future scale of infrastructure
  2. Frees up time to focus on core business activities


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